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About Elia


Elia decor holding has commenced their activities since 1999 in a fully professional in a fully professional in the field design and decoration in furniture for children's and  adolescent's room .
After upon a time and gain necessary experiences , skills , and help from technology in Europe and equipment , it has been extended it 's activities in the other field such as : adult wooden services , and now based on previous  experiences , newest knowledge  and technology according to modern experiences is the only Iranian wood industries super brand with work space more than 25 thousand  square meter , include modern factories.
A factory 's location is in Khorasan  Razavi( Mashhad city ),and3 factories are in Tehran state .
We have to hint , that two factories from four factories , exclusively are produced  ,products of adolescent and children' s furniture( wooden dream services and adolescent and children's MDF in the terms of most people; sismoony ,and ...etc)
Two other factories have been worked to other product of this Iranian wood industries super brand.
Elia company is subgorup of holding Elia decor, and has commenced to design and produce children and adolescent's completly  original services , that is resulting of the exclusive from think tank of this collection with unique quality ,beside , observe the highest safty  standards , necessary beauty and health , which is innovative and ahead of making 100%  anty bacterial services with superior quality and beyond borders of our country Iran .In adition ,Elia company has given with planing and symptoms of target markets like Italy &Turkey ,so that ,it could continue re experience export children's furniture to stylist  countries .
Respective of the fact that,12 years ago Elia was the first Iranian collection that was exporting to UAE,Iraq and Australia , more over, it is going export to stylist countries , that note before(Italy &Turkey)

About Elia

Elia word retrieved from holly name of Imam Ali in hebrew  language ,that it has been chosen in Torat luminary book .If we want to hint other meaning of this holly name, it means   :perseverence , courage ,bright future and most importantly means :God is with me ,in adition ,most striking characteristic of this name in which Elia is read in persian language from both right and left and it has similary pronounciation  and letter, none theles, few word have this character

(ایلیا(ای ل ی ا

It should be noted that Elia is written in latin Ilia, that advertising consultants draw beautiful fonts for this word.There fore,it was dictated Ilia was written to Elia

Masage management

I have grown according to the condition in which we operate, has always in the father and relative active in this field , and it has always been important of my life

When I decided taking advantage of this experience ,that is always valuable to know I have done measures in the massive industrial revolution in this field with usage of young  profesional  forces ,techniques and using the latest technology, further more ,using the newest with the highest quality materials  possible. More over ,I have taken a big step in an effort of my ancestors and now we see , that we have achieved what we thought .We have gained and associated horizontal light with determination and with hereafter of the lord olmightly and help forestall from that person ,which we set our holding to by sanctity of his name and that important  is nothing only persuit leading position in the global industry ,that we have highly qualified team with experience in the side indicators

This targets are set at the top of the pyramid

At the end of all ,who have chosen our group's products in their welfare ,we sincerely thank and appreciate

Regards :Batouhaie  Amirhossein ,Elia decor management

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