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Dear  customer after sales service of Elia is as follow:

A ) warranty  card without valid sales invoice that is approved by Elia collection and no date ,is the void , there fore  , is not  valid .

B) All products in Elia collection has been included services after sales for 48 months and dear buyers  are responsible      for all relevant costs including ,repair parts, replacement parts  ,wage  tranasportation and installation  and travel .

J)Time that is needed after expert diagnosis have been set up to 25 working days ,that the number of these days is added to sales services.

Remarkably, this time including  the esteemed clients in Tehran and customers in other parts of the country eligibility ,if they will be added in time.

D)Imported materials are used with due regard to the most appropriate time ,so if they are not present

Or due to the detection of Elia,materials imported or of domestic,will be used.

H)please note that customers have to keep their warranty card ,please pay attention and enough attention ,because it doesn’t duplicate issued ,also distorted card and manipulated to identify a set of Elia is invalid.

:warranty terms of Elia is as follows

  1. warranty is under Elia decor collection
  2. All components including :fitting and connectors ,band edge , melamine coated include 24 months warranty ,free replacement after confirming expert
  3. Dear buyers are responsible for all external costs of transportation
  4. Any misuse to identify Elia collection experts such as: scratches ,perforation, drop a line with sharp instruments, crush, notch, fracture ,use of detergent that is incompatible with product , out door use of product or non-standard environment (very hot and wet) incorrect  transportation ,natural disaster including: floods, earthquakes, fire ,lightning,  and .....etc ,doesn't include warranty .In case of  above mentioned ,these  types of problem will be dealt with under (B) paragraph
  5. please for optimal use and more durable for each products in a longer time , please pay the necessary attention to the recommendations of the technical experts

:Dear customer

.Respective of the fact that ,you have sincere cooperation with the Elia collection  accept our thank sincerely

With respect : Elia  decor technical services unit




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